Friday, June 1, 2012

Reaganic Ecdysis

No vision of caterpillar, chrysalis, or imaginal cells. 

No butterfly. 

This vision is more terrifying.

I see America the Colossus dragging its raw body from a rusted exoskeleton. Ivy-wrapped factories no longer choke the air with particles. Instead, poison leaks from spiderwebbed windows of cracked safety glass.

1981: A new America bursts from that industrial exoskeleton. An evil new insect. A slick haircut. A sleek marketing campaign. The flash & glitz of a $19.4 million inauguration. Mycelial Junk Bond Charlatans pop up like mushrooms after a rain. Leveraged Buyout Artists float like dandelion fluff on a calm breeze. Predatory Lenders feed on the abundant poor as algae feeds on eutrophic water. 

A wicked new creature thrives in rubbish and rusting exuvia. The callow creature eats what it kills and shits pollution. It stuffs the middens with bones licked clean. It slithers away from its skin.

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