Sunday, June 3, 2012


Another great analysis of our cultural moment, in the vein of "Communiqué from an Absent Future," "Witherburo" asks that anarchists and spiritual revolutionaries "Escape. Rebuild the counter-culture, commune by commune."

from section 3 "Quantity":

Thus the real issue now posed to the Americans is: how to relate to the collapse? The U.S., the land of micro-fascism and molecular capitalism par excellence, is now evaporating, molecule by molecule. There is no austerity plan to protest against because the austerity is already being carried out in the hidden corners of the country. The small town library closes, the post office shuts up for good, the mayor’s office declares bankruptcy. Without as many police the people decide to police themselves, as we read for Vallejo, Ca. Americans are in a more revolutionary situation than they realize: they are in a situation like the end of Rome, where objectively a revolution should have happened long ago, but did not, and now the society is decaying and dying, like a butterfly too weak to shed its chrysalis: the last kernel of loyal citizenry has been wrecked by the War on Terror, they no longer believe in anything but suicide. Just read a newspaper. Graffiti is sprouting up everywhere. There is only a police force that everyone hates, and taxes and debt and no jobs. The society is collapsing in an orgy of its own violence: the violence that constituted the social fabric of the Americans, this blind bloodlust of Custer that so horrified the Indians, is now turning against the social fabric itself. The Hobbesian  myth is becoming an unreal reality, for a time, before peace and contentedness return to this shattered, wounded, ancient land. But the Americans are lucky: whereas Rome collapsed into a foreign and inferior superstition of feeble-minded slaves and jaded aristocrats, the Americans fall back on what existed agelessly before their unhappy civilization. Indian simplicity, harmony with nature, collectivism, simple and unadorned love and devotion, guerrilla bravery. . .these are the things to remember. Americans don’t have to worry about a state to smash-they won’t even be at any comparable level of strength for years, they only just now begin a process of decades- they rather have to find something redeeming worth living, to save something from the final suicidal catastrophe of the American death culture.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Poems at OccuPoetry

OccuPoetry recently published two of my poems. Find them here:


"Gunpowder Like Graphite"

Reaganic Ecdysis

No vision of caterpillar, chrysalis, or imaginal cells. 

No butterfly. 

This vision is more terrifying.

I see America the Colossus dragging its raw body from a rusted exoskeleton. Ivy-wrapped factories no longer choke the air with particles. Instead, poison leaks from spiderwebbed windows of cracked safety glass.

1981: A new America bursts from that industrial exoskeleton. An evil new insect. A slick haircut. A sleek marketing campaign. The flash & glitz of a $19.4 million inauguration. Mycelial Junk Bond Charlatans pop up like mushrooms after a rain. Leveraged Buyout Artists float like dandelion fluff on a calm breeze. Predatory Lenders feed on the abundant poor as algae feeds on eutrophic water. 

A wicked new creature thrives in rubbish and rusting exuvia. The callow creature eats what it kills and shits pollution. It stuffs the middens with bones licked clean. It slithers away from its skin.