Wednesday, January 18, 2012

History is Dead. . . Long Live History

In “A Leaderless Revolution. . . Or, Gaia Awakens?” I paraphrased Neil Shubin’s explanation of how single-celled organisms can suddenly combine into multicellular ones when confronted by a predator. I wondered along with Daniel Pinchbeck if “atomized consciousnesses are coming together to form a global consciousness.” I suggested that technology change, not a predator, could cause such a phase-shift in consciousness.

After sitting on that concept for a day, I realized that a predator does exist: the Global 1%.

The Global 1% is a lifeforce-eating, planet-wrecking pollution generator. As nemeses of the human race go, the inhuman 1% rivals most creatures of science fiction—Predator, Aliens, Daleks, H.G. Wells’ Martians. In fact, the only creature more frightening than the Global Capitalist is Michael Ende’s The Nothing, a force which consumes the universe and leaves empty space in its wake.

This vampiric 1% overcame its final obstacle to global domination when the first pick-axe cracked the Berlin Wall. At that time, Francis Fukuyama proclaimed that the fall of the Soviet Union marked the “End of History.” Fukuyama’s conclusion was correct, but his premises were flawed. History is not a vector but a circle. Its end is also its beginning. 

History is Dead. 

Long Live History.

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