Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gaia Awakens?

An article in Reality Sandwich  supports my view (here and here that Occupy could represent an awakening of consciousness. Oddly named writer OddEdges references first an experiment by Mary Helen Immordino-Yang of USC and second an article in ScienceDaily, both of which scientifically prove that, contrary to Capitalist fictions of homo economicus, humans are hard-wired for cooperation and morality. OddEdges also reports on a Wall Street Journal article that brain-damaged people “with an impaired ability to experience emotions” prove to be better investors than undamaged people. OddEdges sums up the conclusions:

In short, society and civilization have become a series of potentially terricidal risks, which is a product of the current socioeconomic religion that is managed by dysfunctional HAL 9000s in grotesque three-piece megasuits. Therefore, what we could be witnessing through Occupy may be an ethically motivated bio-psycho-social response to a systemic-process that is being perceived as a threat to the collective organism. It is an international demonstration of repulsion.
Organisms naturally want to live and they will do so in cooperative and moral ways, unless they are brain-damaged. Thus, when environmental factors that are toxic enter into an organism’s sphere of circumstance and threaten its very existence, the organism responds. What was probably overlooked by the people who have been cheerfully profiting off of planetary and social devastation is the natural response mechanism of its denizens. And the landscapes of distraction that typifies the cosmopolitan today may not be powerful or convincing enough when the collective organism begins to feel its very life is in danger.

OddEdges goes on to note that the Internet is “the champion psycho-technological development in our species’ history.” As neuron and dendrite, the Internet connects atomized consciousnesses into a single or multifariously connected metaconsciousness, or “a new psychological calamity.” We are, OddEdges demonstrates, moving from self-awareness to collective-awareness, with the Internet as the “unifying force.” 

Hindsight may prove twenty-twenty. Notions of evolving consciousness may be nothing more than New Age hype. Or climate change, a global pandemic, or World War III may sweep humanity from Gaia's surface. But if we survive the converging crises with our technology intact, we may indeed be living witnesses to an evolutionary leap.

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