Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Is Mayor Adams a Friend of the Occupation?

Adam Rothstein of the Portland Occupier wrote critically of Mayor Adams, amplifying many of the points I made in the recent post "West Coast Port Shutdown, part 1." Rothstein accuses Adams of showing "false claims of sympathy" as he moves against Occupy Portland:
And now, even while protesters are pushed from public spaces into the streets, Mayor Adams releases press releases condemning the methods and organization of the Occupation, phrased as if he alone was in possession of a victory strategy for us, which is perhaps intended as leadership, though one wonders how that might be at all believable.
Rothstein provides ample evidence of Adams' anti-Occupy position. (Read the entire article for a bullet-pointed list.) In response to Mayor Adams, Rothstein says:
The Occupation will not be patronized, and the Occupation will not be intimidated. Dismissal and derision by city officials, castigation and lies delivered via Mayoral press releases, and physical threats and violence brought by the city’s police force will not sway the Occupation and its allies from proceeding in their course, defined each day as the participants make it. Our brief history thus far speaks to this resolve. These antagonistic actions by self-described “friends” of the Occupation are obvious for what they are, and will not masquerade as logical arguments that might convince us that free speech is not a human right, that what we are attempting to speak freely is not fundamental and crucial to continued human life, or that we somehow might be satisfied on these human levels by going home, and folding our hopes and efforts back into the old system that has failed us and continues to fail us, each and every day of the Occupation.

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